John Richardson, AKA the WORDSMITH and author of The Eighth Deadly Sin, has accepted Raven Publishing’s  invitation to be “The Blogmaster.”  Given free license to blog about a variety of topics near and dear to a writer’s heart, John has accepted the challenged of keeping our audience interested and coming back to the Raven’s Nest.

My first challenge as Blogmaster was to answer the all to often asked question, “Why a woman?”

The most difficult thing I had to overcome when writing The Eighth Deadly Sin was to put myself in the mind of a woman. The main character,  Lauren St. John, is a very complex person; who despite an outward persona of confidence has some very deep seeded and unexplained problems.  These are manifested through recurring nightmares wherein she is being chased by an unknown person that comes to her in a dense fog.  The dreams are so real to her that she sometimes doubts her sanity.  Despite being written in the third person, knowing how a woman would react and respond in different situations was at best, hit and miss.

Lauren’s fascination with English Literature, which she teaches at the college level and particularly with the legendary Kingdom Of Camelot finds her often sinking into the realm of fantasy.  This has put her on a collision course with her husband’s world; the world of a homicide cop; real life in the streets.  Join me next time as we try to explore the depths of Lauren’s mind.